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Recently, crossfit has become very popular in our country, and in connection with this, many questions arise from this discipline, especially about sports nutrition. What is the best thing to take and what will help to achieve the best results in crossfit?

We posed this question to the best in this field and allocated a separate category of sports nutrition for you.

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About the MST company

MST Nutrition was founded by professional athletes in athletics, bodybuilding and weightlifting in Berlin.

The company’s goal was the production of sports nutrition for professional athletes, but later the company changed its strategy to more mass products for active life.

When developing a new product, the MST company takes a responsible approach to each stage of work on the supplement. First, scientists working in the company make up the formula of the new product. Next, the product undergoes repeated testing and the target audience tries the new sports nutrition for at least three months. After that, the additive is registered and then production begins in full.

The company’s head office is located in Berlin.

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